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Cleaning Up Scanned Assets for Production

Wrap, ZBrush & Maya Workflow With Scott Denton


Discover how to take pre-existing scanned assets and quickly and professionally clean them up using a combination of Wrap 3, ZBrush, and Maya. This workshop by Modeler and Generalist, Scott Denton, details the clean-up of a scan created by NYCap3D using the state-of-the-art photogrammetry ​​solution, RealityCapture, along with assets produced by 3D Scan Store. A brief preview of Zoo Tools is also covered.

Throughout the course of the workshop, Scott discusses how to use Wrap 3 and ZBrush to transfer textures and displacement details from the 3dScanstore mesh. He also goes over some of the specific setups and essential tools inside of both Wrap and ZBrush that help to speed up the overall workflow. Scott teaches the important export options that you need to know and includes a demonstration on how to hook the textures up in Maya to achieve a render worthy of being passed on to a look-development artist. Helpings of industry tips are included along the way, particularly when it comes to what look-dev artists expect of modelers, plus tricks for organizing and naming your files like a pro. 

The final portion of the workshop covers how to create a quick rig using Mixamo to bring some life to the character for the final renders using Arnold in Maya.

The goal of this video tutorial is to provide you with a sound understanding of scan clean-up work and provide you with new skills that will help to speed up your workflow in the studio. The ultimate goal being for you to get home on time while still delivering high-quality results.

Duration: 4h 08m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Scott Denton

Principal Modeler Generalist at Facebook Spark

Scott Denton is currently working in the industry as a Principal Modeler Generalist at Facebook Spark working on various AR/VR experiences. He’s been working in the industry for roughly 17 years and has worked across the gamut of film, commercials, 3D printing, and video games. 

Scott is a passionate modeler and texture artist who enjoys diving deep into look dev in his free time. His freelance clients have included Disney, Dreamworks, Double Negative, The Mill, Jellyfish Pictures, Encore VFX, Framestore.

  • His talent and dedication aside, I have yet to find someone more passionate and willing to share his craft within our industry than Scott. He is a born mentor and leader in and outside of the VFX world that truly knows how to bring the best out of people.

    - John Montefusco
    CG Supervisor at Framestore

  • I had a great experience working with Scott while he was at The Mill NY when I joined the studio. Scott, always professional and easy to work with and always eager to see how he could help others around him. He possesses a great range of skills, so our CG leads and I felt very confident Scott could positively do any range of work he was assigned to. Every task given to him was always done with great speed and quality.

    - Aldo Martinez Calzadilla
    Lead Modeler at Digital Domain

  • Scott is the definition of a professional CG Generalist. He's created amazing work in so many different disciplines and mediums — all while bringing his unique style and eye to everything he touches. His work speaks for itself, and he's easily one of my favorite artists to work with in this industry.

    - Akin Bilgic
    Brink XR

  • Meeting with Scott has been an amazing experience. Not only is he a great artist, with a passion for his craft, but he is also one of the best team players I've collaborated with. Learning, caring, and sharing, would describe exactly my feeling working with Scott. Not only is he willing to spread the word, but Scott also has a deep care for our industry and is willing to do what he can to help it grow in a human and sensible manner. Tools can be just tools, and Scott is eager to keep discovering them. He will always try to extract the best parts so he can keep expanding his skill palette and share his discoveries with us. During this eternal artistic and technological journey, I am super happy that I've met him and can count on him in the future.

    - Gael Kerchenbaum
    Creature Specialist at Facebook