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Complete Photogrammetry Workflow

Scanning, Cleanup & Rendering With Charleston Silverman


If you’re looking for a complete step-by-step walkthrough of a professional photogrammetry process, look no further than this 3.5-hour workshop by Lead Digital Projects Engineer, Charleston Silverman. This in-depth workshop provides you with the techniques and knowledge you need to scan objects from the real world into the virtual.

Charleston kicks off the workshop with the capture before demonstrating the image processing part of the workflow using Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW, and Adobe DNG. From there, it’s all about the solve, for which Charleston brings both RealityCapture and Metashape into the fold. Mesh retopology is handled and demonstrated in ZBrush, while the effective texture generation and cleanup process employs the power of Substance Painter. As the final step, the assembly of the scene takes place in Unreal Engine — although, the process and techniques covered can be used with any renderer of choice.

This detailed workshop covers a vast array of information and techniques, discussing everything from the dos and don'ts of capturing to the subtle details for image adjustments and solves that you won’t want to miss. Charleston’s thorough instruction not only teaches how to set everything up correctly to achieve the best results but also advises on the importance of every step of the process.

Project files provided with this workshop include raw captured photos, meshes, photogrammetry projects, Substance files and textures, and the Unreal project file.

Duration: 3h 36m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Charleston Silverman

Lead Digital Projects Engineer at Digital Nation Entertainment

Charleston Silverman specializes in development for real-time rendering pipelines. His digital asset creation specialties include 3D modeling, videogrammetry, photogrammetry, materials, texturing, and lighting, and he is also well versed in various types of digital content development. 

Having worked on projects for companies such as Time, Inc., NASA, Weta, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, CNN, NBA, and Apple, Charleston boasts extensive experience in digital content creation for standard media, VR, and AR within the games and film-development industry.