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Creating Stylized VFX in Unreal Engine 5

Niagara & Substance Designer Workflow With Pawel Margacz


Discover how to create visual effects for games using the most up-to-date techniques in Unreal Engine 5 with Senior VFX Artist at People Can Fly, Pawel Margacz. Learn Pawel’s complete workflow for creating magical spell FX for UE5 from scratch: Using meshes from Houdini and textures in Substance Designer, Pawel assembles a magical projectile in Niagara, demonstrating how to match character and effects animations to create a dynamic, game-ready attack in Unreal 5.

This 4.5-hour workshop is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about creating VFX using Unreal Engine, Houdini, and Substance Designer. It is also an excellent guide for technical artists looking to gain more insight into VFX implementation using blueprints, including how to create and set up Unreal scenes with characters. In addition, Pawel dives deep into Substance Designer's and Niagara's nodes to build up layers of easily-adjustable effects animations. He shares how to work with panning textures with UV distortion techniques, as well as how to use tileable noise textures. He also details the timing and matching of effects with character animations.

This workshop provides Pawel’s textures and 3D mesh files as a downloadable resource.

Duration: 4h 54m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Pawel Margacz

Senior VFX Artist at People Can Fly

Pawel Margacz (a.k.a. 1MAFX) is a VFX artist working in games. He creates VFX daily while dealing with the technical issues that arise during the game-dev cycle. During the past decade, Pawel has worked for CD Projekt RED, 505 Games, Hi-Rez Studios, and many other indie studios. He currently works at People Can Fly, the Polish video game developer. In his spare time, Pawel enjoys sharing his techniques for creating VFX for games with other artists.