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Introduction to Arnold

Essential Tips and Production Workflow with Robert Chapman


In this title, Robert Chapman covers his essential tips and production workflow for lighting artists who are just getting started rendering with Arnold. Robert starts with some of the basic settings that are important in ensuring correct renders with Arnold. This starts with the setup of a proper linear workflow and then onto the Arnold render settings. Moving on from there, he shows some of the basic controls for lights, materials and mesh shapes. After that Robert demonstrates how Arnold can render a few more things than just polygons by jumping into working with volumes and rendering curves. The final lesson before starting on the cover image is the creation of extra render passes (AOVs) and using them inside of Nuke. He finishes the series by lighting a stylized scene in which he starts with a basic lighting setup and then moves onto shading and final renders before bringing them into Nuke for a final composite. Within the last lesson Robert goes over a few quick tips for saving time and creating a unique look with utility nodes and more.

Duration: 6h 53m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Robert Chapman

Lighting & Look Development at the Mill, Los Angeles

Robert Chapman is a Lighting and Look Development artist at the Mill, Los Angeles. While his focus is in Lighting and Look Development he has also honed in on more general skill sets while working in a fast paced commercial environment. While at the Mill he has worked on a wide range of work consisting of commercials, title sequences, cinematics and print work. He has worked with a huge collection of clients including Activision, Mobile Strike, Nintendo, Nike, Lexus and many more. While in art school he binged watched many of the older Gnomon tutorials!